mustard oil

oil obtained from mustard seeds and used in making soap
Hypernyms: ↑oil

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1. : an oil from mustard: as
a. or mustard-seed oil : a greenish yellow bland semidrying fatty oil that is expressed from the seeds usually of black mustard and is used chiefly in soapmaking and as a salad oil
b. : a colorless to pale yellow pungent irritating essential oil that is obtained by distillation from the seeds usually of black mustard after expression of the fatty oil and maceration with water, that consists largely of allyl isothiocyanate, and that is used especially in liniments and medicinal plasters — compare sinigrin
b. : an isothiocyanate ester

phenyl mustard oil C6H5NCS

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oil expressed from the seed of mustard, used chiefly in making soap.

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mustard oil noun
A volatile oil obtained from black mustard seeds
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Main Entry:mustard

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mustard oil,
oil pressed from mustard seeds.

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